Lirik Butterfingers – Delirium

Ascertain things are left
Vagueness cause it ain’t over till it’s over
For reasons I have not disovered
I feel full of beans
WAylay outside unseen trouble
Where means are often
PAssing phases
Even-handed young and happy
Wipe out all my sins
You know I cared
You know I’ve cared I’d care
I’ll care
You know I’d care….
Send up all the one’s before
You someday I will soon recover
Breed a star of broken idols
Imagine what it’ll be
Slip inside a sheltered corner
Well think I’m fine and never healthy
Criticize my table-manner
I feel full of beans
Chain all my ankles to the sky
Sure I’ll soon know before I leave
I promise you I’ll give it up
I’m going down…down..down..

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